September 21, 2010

Vegas Baby!

They say "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" and normally I would agree.  But how can I not talk about all the amazing food?!?  And that is why I go to Vegas- to eat.  Many famous chefs have opened restaurants on the strip, so there are plenty of top notch places to choose from.  I love the whole dining experience, from checking out the decor and design, to reading the menus, people watching and of course sampling some wonderful dishes.

We recently rounded up a group of friends and family, and escaped for a weekend getaway.  Our days were spent soaking up the sun by the pool and our nights were spent eating and then..... well, I can't tell you.  I haven't completely forgotten the Vegas rule :)

Sunday Brunch at the Palm's Place Pool was fabulous.  We rented a cabana, and with it we were offered  all you can eat for the entire day.  We could choose from the poolside menu or go inside Simon Restaurant and Lounge and sample the buffet, sushi bar, smoothie station, and candy wall.  Of course we took advantage of it all....

The waitstaff wore pajamas (it was Sunday morning after all), and the bartenders were dressed as nurses.  Perhaps to care for those feeling a bit ill after Saturday night?

I started with Frosted Flake crusted french toast, and a small veggie omelet with shredded potatoes.  

...and then a fruit smoothie...

Bagel with shmear?

Sea of shrimp

Pretzel bread is all over Vegas.  And after tasting it, you can see why. 

Room for dessert?  Of course! Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.  

...and then a dessert sampler...

And don't forget the wall of candy!

As if that wasn't enough, we ordered popcorn chicken as an afternoon snack.  It was from the kid's menu, but it was completely adult approved.  Sadly, we are still waiting for the macaroni and cheese. 

 Ahh, frozen grapes!  We almost forgot to order them, which would have disappointed my cousin to no end. He found them to be quite delicious, especially because they were fed to him by his wife.

Wait, what about drinks??

Frozen Vodka Lemonade

Strawberry Daiquiri

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