About Me

I am a registered dietitian and a self-proclaimed foodie.  With much enthusiasm, excitement, and inspiration, I have created a food blog to chronicle my adventures in eating. And believe me, considering that my entire life seems to revolve around food there is plenty to write about.

Although I work in the food industry, the rest of my life is just as absorbed with all things culinary.  I love eating and everything that goes with it.  That includes dining out (a lot!), cooking, grocery shopping, farmers markets, cookbooks, food blogs (my newest obsession) and any food related television shows.  Is this where I admit that Top Chef is one of my favorite things to watch?

Photography is in my blood (thanks Dad!), but I admit to being a complete amateur.  Somehow I've managed to get some pretty cool shots so far, but I have lots more to learn.  I am fumbling around with my new camera, and am excited as can be with the possibilities.

Starting this blog has been a wonderful experience.  It has opened my eyes to an even larger food world out there, and has helped me find a way to funnel my passion via a productive, creative outlet.  I've always said that I show love through food, and now I can share that in a tangible way with my writing and photography.  What better match could there be?

I hope you enjoy exploring and following along on my food journey.  Now, if only there was a way I could share taste and smell over the internet....

Bon apetit! 

Still want to know more about me? Let's start at the beginning...

Flash back to 1993 and you'll find me full of youth and energy, just starting university.  My goal in high school was to be a dietitian and so I attended University of Guelph (about an hour west of Toronto) with every intention of pursuing nutrition.  My curious mind and passion for learning derailed me and I found myself registering for courses from the Environmental Studies section of the catalog instead.  I learnt about sustainability, wildlife management, forestry and even environmental policy development.  I think I was a little ahead of my time, as there were very few career options at that time (tree hugger didn't suit me so well).  And so, at the completion of my degree (BSc in Biological Sciences), I turned around and started another one in Nutrition.  I attended McGill University in Montreal and this time I was on my way.  I officially became a Registered Dietitian in 1999, and I couldn't be happier with my career choice.

For the last 10+ years, I've worked in Food Service Management in acute care hospitals.  I fell into it by accident (if by accident means that I was recommended for a job by my teacher and forced to apply), and have never looked back.  Food Service management in the healthcare industry is a unique and ever-changing field.  My day to day routine as a hospital director is never the same, and I am forced to balance multiple challenges and priorities such as regulatory compliance, patient satisfaction, budgets, labor relations and of course nutrition care and culinary excellence.

My current work passion combines those courses from back in '93 with the current sustainability movement in food.  I am interested in what my industry can do to help contribute to the well-being of our planet and drive environmental responsibility.  There are so many areas to focus on from ensuring local, seasonal, fair trade and sustainable product sourcing, to reducing water intensity, energy use, carbon footprints and of course waste.  The possibilities are endless and I'm excited for the future of this field.

I always say that I have the best job in the hospital.  My department gets to provide comfort via food to our patients, employees, physicians and visitors.  A hospital isn't always the happiest environment, but food is the one thing that we turn to for pleasure during tough times and it connects us all.  I have the privilege to work with a talented group of cooks who are more than eager to have me taste their food.  Aside from feeding the patients, we run a cafe, provide catering for meetings and plan celebratory events.  The quality of food and level of expertise that I've experienced at work have been some of my best culinary experiences. Here's a small sample... How's that for crushing the stereotype about hospital food?!?!

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