November 06, 2011

What Halloween Looks Like

It is definitely fall out there.  With fall comes a holiday dedicated to chocolate, candy and costumes.  What could be more fun?

We celebrated the spooky season with all the Halloween classics.  And of course, that means pumpkins.  Lots and lots of pumpkins.

Much to the amazement of Captain McBlack, this was my first trip to a pumpkin patch.  Maybe pumpkins don't grow in Montreal, or maybe it just wasn't the thing to do when we were young but you can be sure we had our share of pumpkins.  They just came from the grocery store.  

For my first visit, I couldn't have asked for a nicer day or a prettier backdrop.  Yup, those are the Rockies you see in the distance.  

Another classic, that apparently goes hand in hand with pumpkin patches, are corn mazes. 

 Five miles of corn mazes and it all basically looks like this.

And, um, there actually is corn growing in them.

After navigating our way out of the stalks, we got our pumpkins home and set out to carve them.  

I turned mine into a cat.  I figured that every Halloween needs a black cat.

Complete with earrings, eyelashes and a beaded collar.  Fancy.  

Of course we pulled out all the seeds...

...and roasted them with sea salt.  

After the pumpkins, it was time to make some cupcakes.  

Who wants skulls with their dessert?  I know I do!

I didn't exactly plan it, but Red Velvet turned out to be a fantastic choice for Halloween.  

It looks creepy and gory.  Naturally, the boys loved it.  

I'm not sure what is scarier.  The goblins of Halloween or the decor on these cupcakes.  While they may not meet professional standards, they certainly were fun to decorate.   

In case all that sugar wasn't enough, we made some Halloween Candy bark, thanks to a fellow blogger who inspired the idea.  Turns out, this is a popular method of using up extra Halloween candy (as seen on countless food blogs over the last few weeks) and I'm sure it will be in my repertoire for many holidays to come.  

It was as easy to make as melting chocolate chips and adding candy. Well, actually, that is how you make it.   

You can add some orange melts for a little color.  

Then all your favorite Halloween candy.  

Hope your spooky day looked a little something like this too.  

Happy Halloween!

Or should I say, Trick or Treat!

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  1. Great photos of the pumpkin patch but the corn is kind of past its peak.
    The pumpkin seeds remind me of Halloweens gone by. Always a treat from the oven.
    BUT I got a sugar high from looking at the pictures of the chocolate candy bark!

  2. Looks like you are settled in and back in the b;ogling business. Missed you.