April 06, 2011

Sweet Monterey

Welcome to my tour of Monterey, California.   There are many reasons to like love Monterey.  This decadent dessert is my favorite, but I'll be sure to give you many more.

First, there is the beautiful rocky coastline.

There are plenty of oceanside dining options with fresh seafood and flaming fishbowl sized drinks.  

One of the main attractions is The Monterey Bay Aquarium, filled with beautiful and exotic sea creatures.

Monterey is considered wine country which means wine is always acceptable, day or night, on the beach or by the fire.  But really, is there any part of California where it isn't?

The streets are lined with cute shops.  Some are even filled with candy!

I've saved my favorite reason for last. Every trip to Monterey should be sweetened with a stop at the historic Ghirardelli shop for their famous chocolate squares and hot fudge sundaes.  

Mmmmmmm....sweet enough for you to visit?
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1 comment:

  1. Monterey is such a spectacular area. The wild Pacific with windswept trees and Cannery Row with the Aquarium. Loved your photos of the exotic aquatic life.
    I could sure eat some of those Ghirardelli chocolates. The photos of the sundaes are delicious but give me some hot chocolate