August 17, 2010

More Sushi. In Sausalito

It should come as no surprise that I was out for sushi again.  This time it was at Sushi Ran, a renowned Sausalito restaurant.  I've heard it referred to as "the best sushi in the Bay Area".  This being sushi-ville, that says a lot.  While we waited for our table (you can always expect to wait due to its popularity) we took a stroll along the water in downtown Sausalito.

I love that this place is dog friendly


Pineapple sake for the girls

We started with some vegetable tempura

And then my favorite, hawaiian ahi poke tuna with avocado, kukui nut and seaweed sauce.   
I order this dish every time I go, and I'm never disappointed.  

Seared hirimasa- farmed australian amberjack, thyme blossom, sumac & shishito pepper emulsion.  
What can I say about this dish?  Not too much unfortunately.  Take a good look at the picture, because its the last time I'll be ordering it.  

Salmon citrus roll- marinated salmon, avocado, japanese cucumber and lime.  
You can eat the entire lime slice.  Really, you can.  It is a burst of flavor, and provides some acidity and zest to compliment the salmon.  

Miso glazed black cod- bloomsdale spinach & naga-imo noodles

Vietnamese shaking beef- sweet onions & lime-black pepper dipping sauce.  
The beef was perfectly cooked, beautifully tender and full of flavor. 

We decided to order dessert and asked tons of questions about each one.  Somewhere within that we confused our waiter so he brought us the wrong ones.  And then brought us the right ones.  And then let us keep them all.  

Bread pudding with green tea & sour cherry brioche

Ice cream cocktail- mascarpone ice cream and fresh berries. 
Let me just stop here and say YUMMY!  I've never eaten mascarpone ice cream before and it was absolutely delicious.  Rich, creamy, and full of flavor.  I would definitely crave this dish.  

Chocolate bombe with hazelnut creme anglaise

Almond-brown butter cake with strawberries & powdered orange

All in all, a delicious meal and I will definitely be going back.  And I'd say that even if it wasn't just down the street from me :)
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  1. All the food is so colorful. While not being a great lover of sushi, these dishes are so beautifully presented that they look good enough to eat. I would take any of those deserts any time.

  2. I bet you know better sushi places than I do, CAL! Thanks for sharing your dinner experience!